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Japanese Story with European Origin

Original SRV250 poster.

SRV250 Reviews

Yamaha have long toyed with the classic motorcycle. Big vertical twins, raunchy singles and a range of successful vee-twins .... .. click here for more...

The SRV250 Renaissa

This site is a tribute to the Yamaha SRV250.  

I am lucky to be the current owner of  this gorgeous bike. Here is some gossip and trivia you may find interesting.


Technical Specs

Read all about the technology of the srv250 plus see how it compares with other bikes of similar class.

Here is the User Manualfor the srv250 (1.5 Meg).

Here is the Service Manualfor the srv250 (8 Meg).

Bike Art

What is Art? Can it find expression in a bike or a Vespa?

Famous Riders of all times

Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando, T.E Lawrence and more....

See what oter people have done to their SRV's
Colour and style
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